With constant change in our environment the Spray Factory continues to have good dialogue with leading manufacturers, among these are ISF who are constantly developing products to meet with strict guidelines being laid down by government bodies.

Among these new products are Sterilaq and Flamepro Fp intumescent finishes.

Increasingly, manufacturers of furniture for kitchen, educational and medical environments are being requested to use bacteria-killing clear lacquers on their products. Most ‘hygienic’ lacquers currently on sale in the UK market contain biocides that can be intrinsically hazardous to humans.

Many biocides – including Troclosan, the most common version – have recently been banned in the UK for environmental reasons, as they were found to be causing more problems than they actually solved. Steri-Guard lacquer is manufactured by the ISF Group in Leicester using a totally different, safer formulation, which incorporates nano-technology and the naturally-occurring element silver. Steri-Guard lacquer has been tested by Bodycote Law Laboratories, and was found to kill 99.9% of most bacteria – Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli, and even MRSA. The lacquer’s self-cleaning properties are also far safer to the environment.

Steri-Guard lacquer has a unique quality which enables the designer to maintain the overall decorative effect required while complying with today’s building requirements for hygienic surfaces. ISF is sure that Steri-Guard lacquers will provide the perfect solution for contractors, architects and builders alike.

The full range includes Pre-cat, Acidcat and PU versions – and there is even a water-borne formulation, Steri-Guard Aqua, which is extremely easy and safe to apply.

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